What is M4CRE?

A Unique Marketing Communications & Media Company from Chicago

Like MAKER, as in the making of things - we build and enhance relationships and revenue for business

A Few Things We Know

And there are a million things we don't

No Attention, No Deal

No Attention, No Deal

We know how to get attention

Today's audience is hard to please and ready to move on if you don't perform now. Your message has to get their attention. We get attention with tech tools like personalized video, artificial intelligence and hi tech animated graphics. We create powerful messaging that positions your brand instantly. Our expertise is the know how, the where and when to use them. We have a store full of animations for your tighter budgets. For the more demanding and more complex needs, we can create a deeper and more robust solution for you. Check out the M4CREfx store to see what we have.
Impact! Packaging is part of the message in the digital world. See how these tools can work for you!

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Engagement, building the relationship

Engagement, building the relationship

Create engagement, tell a good story

When you have your audience's attention, you need to build on that interest to engage them. General information is available everywhere and is not the answer. Your authentic voice delivering a value proposition is key. Your story, providing depth, knowledge and solutions positions your brand, keeps attention and creates action and conversion. Your message, published and broadcast across multiple platforms is your strength. We get you published and deliver the message in the proper format and channels. We create your custom content, print and video to establish position and authority.

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Sales, Timing Is Golden

Sales, Timing Is Golden

No action gets no results - Act immediately or lose

If you follow up an internet lead within 5 minutes, you are 9 times more likely to convert it. Almost 30% of all leads go unanswered. Time is critical in each step of marketing to your prospect. Technology is the most cost effective way to leverage your time and money.

Let's use a lead generation and conversion program as an example. Our business builder campaigns with target texting and lead capture technology delivers your content to generate, follow up and convert leads for your business. Not ordinary texting, target texting is business technology. Deliver your information to your prospect's pocket while you will get their lead information immediately. Use our systems and tools to create or increase performance on all of your marketing and advertising.

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Break through to better results, get our free 4 step strategy guide

The internet business buillder plan works

Simple and straightforward, this is the framework to create a plan that will not fail. LIke everything, you must implement it and we will share tips and tricks with the how to insights.
We will help you avoid the big mistakes, the ones that cost you a lot for a long time.
And our newsletter will keep you up on that is going on in the ever changing world of technology.

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Marketing is 24/7 Everywhere

Blurred lines with constant disruption - life is now all mobile and changing everyday

Mobile! Life is mobile and it is influencing everything and is everywhere, especially  marketing! Have you created a relevant unique brand voice in the best mediums across the right platforms? In Joe Quartana's second book on marketing (out in late 2018), he will address the evolving needs of the marketplace. A practical guide based in real world experience, it is about taking the next step; how to address the new digital reality with proven principles. How to master the current digital market and prepare to lead in the next wave. How to identify, plan and implement the steps to create great marketing with what you have already earned and learned. The benefits of  using your expertise focused on creating experiences that grow revenue and relationships. The incredible ease and value of creating a culture of performance, using simple methods and processes. It is a blend of old school common sense combined with the reach and speed of technology. This book  focuses on good marketing and its relationship with people. The simple point is people and technology working together perform best. The secret is in plain sight. A practical guide on what to do and how to get it done!

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Campaigns that Create Results

Here are the elements that make our solutions successful

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Targeted information to targeted prospects' pockets

Mobile searches now exceed 60% of all internet searches

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Published Authority

Published Authority

Take the dominant position in your niche

It all starts with a great message. For the ultimate in messaging, write a book. Tell your story and position your brand. Your book creates a hybrid publishing platform. From that platform, market from a superior position in your marketplace.

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Be on every platform & every device

Be on every platform & every device

Interest, engage, convert and create community

Meet your customers and prospects where they are and bring them into your community

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Live Streaming, Webcasts & Custom Programming

The new solution that builds revenue and relationships

New and powerful. Creating a live video platform and delivering quality messages with proprietary custom content is a game changer. Take the lead in your industry by producing professional quality programming. Live streaming and webcasting custom content are the fastest growing areas of marketing and "edutainment". This new medium has exploded as technology has made it possible. The largest and most powerful platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others enable this tool to work within their ecosystems. Showing you how to best use it for business is our forte. From a small secure meeting to a large, multi-presenter broadcast, quality production and presentation to an unlimited audience is now possible and available at a reasonable cost. Learn how to use this approach and lead the way to success.

Be it growing sales, capturing the attention of a community or just entertaining an audience to communicate an important point, you must look at this tool to improve your sales and communication.

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Our Services

We create simple solutions for complex problems. We connect people by creating the most engaging and rewarding experiences possible. This approach builds long term, sustainable relationships that deliver beneficial outcomes for our customers. More sales, more profit, better business is our underlying mission for each client.

Our toolbox includes:
  • websites, landing and specialty pages
  • custom media creation and publishing
  • automated marketing solutions
  • lead generation and sales programs
  • mobile solutions
  • identity and positioning
  • branding and re-branding
  • lead generation and conversion
  • wi-fi proximity marketing
  • content marketing and inbound strategies
  • sales enablement strategies and platforms
  • on line events, webcasting and live streaming
We believe in the golden rule. Our focus with our clients is to create the same value we’d expect when spending our business’ hard earned cash. So that’s what we do.

Experience the 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Strategy of Preeminence The 100% Guarantee in Writing

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Here are some clients' thoughts

I used Joe to work on the launch of a new proprietary product for an established international financial market. He provided me with outstanding results by introducing the product and getting useful feedback from three different highly targeted and sophisticated markets.

Tom - SVP

I hired Joe because he broughts ideas to me no one else did. Joe helped me introduce a new positioning initiative for my company. He created a strategy and persona for me and then designed the introduction messaging of the new concept to my customer base. I was blown away by the response, not just the quantity but the quality of them. What a great start!

Arthur - Manufacturer

Joe has a talent for seeing through the complexity, fog and ambiguity that exists in my business which allows him to craft creative on-point solutions for us.

Joe Mc - Business Consultant

Joe was highly recommended as the right coach and consultant for a major software product roll out. He worked tirelessly and successfully with our team to communicate with a multitude of business types in a diverse audience base to make that launch a hit!

Beth - On Boarding Consultant